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We here at Shipwrecked love to make historical and literary comedy that explores various time periods and film genres. We also hold ourselves to a pretty high production standard, and that means that we can’t make stuff as cheaply as we’d often like. By supporting us on Patreon, you’re going to help give us the resources we need to put out videos more often. We still have plans for bigger projects (we really hope to do another multi-part series soon!), so it’s possible that we could launch more Kickstarters or other crowdfunding projects down the line. But by supporting us on Patreon, you’ll be helping us operate as a group, while also ensuring that we can put out smaller scale content more often. And you’re just helping us be supported for all the hours we spend writing, planning, running errands, and getting our shoots off the ground!

Happy Anniversary to The Case of the Gilded Lily! I was in awe of @shipwrckdcomedy after #PoeParty, but I wondered how in the world they could possibly follow that masterpiece. The answer: with another masterpiece #FigAndFord https://youtu.be/UqVPzqI9k-Y

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