The Case of the Gilded Lily

Shipwrecked Comedy has got a hot take on a cold case, see? We’re so excited to embark on a new journey with The Case of the Gilded Lily, a brand new film noir short by. Having premiered to rave reviews at Buffer Festival in Toronto this fall, The Case of the Gilded Lily will be bringing hardboiled private eye Ford Phillips and fast talking junior reporter Fig Wineshine to YouTube very soon.

A new comedy noir short film
Produced by Shipwrecked Comedy
In Association with American Black Market

Written & Created by Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud
Directed by William J. Stribling –
With Sean Persaud as Ford Phillips –
Sinead Persaud as Fig Wineshine –
Mary Kate Wiles as Vivian Nightingale –
Sarah Grace Hart as Wilhelmina Vanderjetski –