Shipwrecked Holiday Project

Celebrate the Holidays with Shipwrecked!

Shipwrecked is getting in the holiday spirit with a new short featuring past favorites Poe and Lenore! Even though this project will be small, there are a lot of costs associated with production, so we’ll be taking donations once more to help us make this short.

Here are the perks you can receive for donating:

$5 – Early access to our holiday short and a thank you shout out in a livestream
$15 – A holiday postcard signed by Shipwrecked, as well as early access and a livestream shoutout
$25 – 3 Shipwrecked posters grab bag! We have a lot of old Poe Party/Gilded Lily posters lying around, so we’ll pick three at random and send them to you at this level. If there’s one you’re really hoping to get, just let us know. No guarantees, but we’ll do our best! Also includes a holiday postcard, early access, and a livestream shoutout
$40 – American Whoopee poster signed by Shipwrecked – remember this awesome poster Sean designed? Yeah, this right here is your only chance to get it! Also includes the 3 poster grab bag, a holiday postcard, early access, and a livestream shoutout
$50 – A polaroid from set and your name in the video credits. Also includes the American Whoopee poster, the 3 poster grab bag, a holiday postcard, early access, and a livestream shoutout
$100 – A virtual holiday movie night with Shipwrecked AND the character of your choice on your voicemail–choose from Poe, Lenore, Annabel, Emily, and HG. Also includes every single perk listed above.
ALSO, anyone who donates AT ANY LEVEL will receive access to Starbelt Around Uranus, a very weird, very bad short that Sean, Sinead, Sarah, Tom, and Blake made years ago.


Donate via PayPal

We hope you’re as excited about seeing some of our literary favorites again as we are. Head on over to this link to donate, or click the Paypal button above and join us for a final livestream on November 18th. And thanks as always for making it possible for us to make the things we love to make.

Don’t forget to include your mailing address in a note along with your pledge so we’ll know where to send your perks!